Mobility and Flexibility

2 Kettlebell Mobility Combos

Kettlebells are extremely good for flexibility and mobility. There is so much that can be done with them. The key is slow, deep, controlled movements with light to medium weight. Separate this from your strength or any other training and take some time to focus and enjoy the movements.   I've designed two great kettlebell mobility …

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Overhead Squat Progression

The overhead squat is a full body exercise and extremely difficult, requiring you to use all muscles and joints, and testing your flexibility + stability to the max. The overhead squat is expensive, the overhead squat is something you need to invest a lot of time in, the overhead squat is also dangerous, go ego …

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Overhead Squat Mobility

Let’s chat about overhead squat mobility. Having good squat depth and a good overhead lockout is da bomb. It’s almost as cool as doing muscle-ups.   No matter what people say, overhead squat mobility is not just about the shoulders and hips, there is so much more to it. For a good overhead squat you …

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Caveman Stretching Routine

The one stretching routine you should be doing that covers your whole body and gives you mobility for performance in CrossFit, Kettlebells, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. One of the first things you’ll see me do in the video is kneeling and laying back down (reclined hero pose) with the arms extended. I press my hips up and …

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Thorax workout

Thorax Workout—Injury Proof Yourself

This kettlebell workout is unlike others posted, it’s a workout everyone needs to incorporate at least once a week. I’m talking MMA fighters, BJJ fighters, kettlebell enthusiasts, crossfitters, and fitness enthusiasts. Especially crossfitters! Why did I say especially crossfitters? In kettlebell training, MMA, and BJJ there is already rotation included, whether you get mangled by …

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Filthy Fifty Kettlebell WOD

  FILTHY FIFTY WOD The WOD consists out of the following four tasks, complete all FOR TIME: 50 Overhead Reverse Lunges (alternating) 1=1 50 Kettlebell Crush Push-ups 50 Alternating Hang Cleans L+R = 1 50 Worlds Best Kettlebell Combo The video above also contains some stretching, of course, you should always spend some time on …

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