Kettlebell Drop Set Shoulder Workout

This workout focusses on the deltoids/shoulders and triceps.

Your workout should start with a good shoulder warm-up, if you have a mace, you should use it for some swings mixed with other bodyweight exercises.

Once you’re nice and warm, start your workout with the drop set of kettlebell strict shoulder presses. Take your time with each press, perform as slow as possible, do both sides and rest when required. If you want to add another muscle group to your workout then perform up to 6 triceps push-ups after doing a press on the left and right side. Adjust the number depending on your triceps strength, you don’t want to gas your triceps for the press.

If you’re doing just one drop set you can go to failure on each weight before dropping down. If you’re planning on doing two sets, keep some in the tank, and/or make sure you rest enough after your first set. You might not be able to start with the heaviest weight on your second set, start with your second one.

In the video, I had the following weights, 32kg, 28kg, 26kg, and 24kg. I only ended up using the first three as I did only one set, had I done a second set I would have probably started at 28kg.


After the workout, I spend some time on mobility with light kettlebells performing thoracic rotational and sots presses.

To press heavy, you need to know how to kettlebell clean safely and effectively.  If you don’t have a mace, buy one, or use kettlebell halo’s.

Some other exercises to warm-up for the shoulder presses:


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