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THE BIG FOUR: Kettlebell Strength Workout

If you’re looking for a kettlebell strength workout where your muscles feel like they’re gonna pop at the end, this is it! Four simple but extremely effective kettlebell exercises: press, squat, pull, and push. The workout involves the following kettlebell strength exercises: double kettlebell strict press double kettlebell front squat double kettlebell bent over dead row […]

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kettlebells for hypertrophy

Kettlebells For Hypertrophy!?

HYPERTROPHY: the enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in the size of its cells. Kettlebells For Hypertrophy!?Is It Possible? Quick on-page navigation: Yes it’s possible, but you have to change the way most people work with them, you have to follow the same program as bodybuilders do, heavy and slow reps paired with

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Kettlebell Strength Complex

The Asgard Kettlebell Strength Complex

This is the Asgard Kettlebell Strength Complex designed by Cavemantraining. This awesome strength complex is performed with two kettlebells and consists of: Squat Dead curl Rack Stand up Press Rack Drop Bent-over row Dead Renegade rows Deadlift There is also an alternative version working with one kettlebell for some of the exercises. This complex requires

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7 Common Causes for Knee Pain—From an exercise perspective

7 Common Causes for Knee Pain

The seven most common causes of knee pain are: Weakness Instability Inactivity Incorrect technique Overtraining Too heavy Shoes or foot problems   Surprisingly it is not the ‘squat’ and definitely not ‘squat depth’. The squat can be the cause when you tick one or all of the above boxes. The depth can be the problem

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Iron Man Kettlebell Workout

This is the Iron Man Workout which consists of a 100 kettlebell swing buy-in followed by a 30-minute AMQRAP of military press, hang clean, and squat with two kettlebells. Yes, 30 minutes is a lot, so, pick your weight wisely, these are thirty minutes of quality work, we want as many quality reps as possible

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The Barbell Challenge

Do you want to be challenged? The Olympic barbell is a piece of equipment that you use often in the gym but more than likely in a conventional manner! Do you want to eliminate boredom from it? Try this challenge! Not only the biggest or strongest will prevail on this challenge … but also the

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The Best Push-up

If you asked me “What is the best push-up to do for the most bang for your buck?” I’d tell you the bottoms-up tricep push-up is it. It’s great for strength as the instability requires you to do this slow. The video is not in slow-mo by the way. The video shows the tricep push-up

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