Caveman Strength

Cavemantraining Get-up Variations

This post is to provide additional details about the many Get-up variations covered in our Youtube video. The video is for all people and covers exercises from beginners to advanced, more importantly, it covers progression to the Turkish Get-up and more advanced variations of the Get-up.   TGU = Turkish Get-up This video will take a …

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Common Deadlift Mistakes

Common deadlift (squat style) mistakes: 1. Folding forward at the hips without descending into a squat and rounding the back to try and lift the bar Beginners will tend to simply bend over and try to pick up the bar, without descending into a squat position. This creates a very long “lever” (i.e. the entire …

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Sumo Dead Lift

The kettlebell Sumo deadlift is great to lift heavier weight and also to work on those external hip rotators and abductors. The Sumo deadlift is not a squat but more of a hip hinge with a very wide stance.

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