The One Thing People Don’t Strengthen nor Care About—and How You Should

There is this one thing the majority of people don't pay attention to, don't train and/or completely neglect, but it's such...
Kettlebell Strength + Mobility Workout

Strength and Mobility with Kettlebells

Strength and Mobility with kettlebells, one tool, several goals met. The following workout I put together to meet several goals in...
4 muscle building kettlebell exercises

4 Muscle Building Kettlebell Exercises

I won't leave you in suspense, the four awesome kettlebell muscle mass building exercises I chose for this article are: Racked...
squeeze your glutes meaning

The REAL Reason You Should Squeeze Your Glutes

This article will be interesting for trainers and people that squat, especially if you experience lower-back pain or want to lift...

More Biceps and Triceps with S&C Coach Kirsten

Squat Cable Curls This is an alternative to the KB Squat Curl. If you don't have access to kettlebells but have a...
Correcting the chin up

How to Spot and Correct a Common Chin-Up Deficiency

There is a common deficiency I see with some of my athletes during the chin-up. Even though I know they're strong, I know...
Are forward lunges dangerous?

Why You Should Not Be Forward Lunging—in Place

I'm dead serious, and if you take the time to read through this, I know that by the end of this article you will agree with me. If you're experiencing knee pain when lunging you will thank me at the end of this article.
Biceps and triceps workout

Brachium Superius—MAX BICEP & TRICEP PUMP!

This awesome biceps and triceps workout Brachium Superius includes the best of the best tools to give your upper arms that amazing pump you're looking for. There is barbell, kettlebell, trx, dipping bar and pull-up bar work involved. Holding your protein shake after this workout is even going to be an effort.
How to flip a heavy tyre

How To Flip a Heavy Ass Tyre

Social media is full of videos of people tyre flipping with shocking technique. Many people out there (I believe most actually) "muscle" it, meaning they lift it using their biceps. That's fine when it's a small tyre but do that with a big one and you're setting yourself up for a biceps tear. NOT COOL.
Bicep exercises

Kettlebell Exercises for the Anterior Compartment of the Upper Arm

If you're solely training with kettlebells, chances are you're not giving the anterior compartment of your upper arms the attention they...

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