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The Man of Steel Workout

This workout is to be performed super slow, as slow as possible with the heaviest weight possible, all while maintaining good form & technique during the full range of motion.   This is The Man of Steel Workout   The workout is as follows: Combo 1 Dead swing clean Squat Press Combo to be performed on

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The Best Upper-body Workout

If you could only do four exercises for the upper-body, then this would be the best upper-body workout. This workout hits the front and rear delts, the lats and upper trapezius. All super important muscles for good upper-body strength.   4 Upper-body Exercises Shoulder press Bent-over dead row Pull-up Shrug   Targets: Anterior delt Posterior

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Squat DEADLIFT—Deadlift Squat Style

There are those who’ll say: “A deadlift is a deadlift.” They’re wrong!   If you’re coming from the ol’skool gym, bodybuilding, etc. you’ll be more familiar with the conventional, and sumo deadlift. If you’re coming from CrossFit, you’ll be more familiar with the squat deadlift. Depending on where you started out, you’ll probably be calling

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WOD CT10.4—With Heavy Deadlifts

This workout consists of three tasks, first one is for strength, heavy deadlifts, swings, and presses. The second task is medium weight working on explosiveness and plyometrics, double kettlebell clean and jerk, and wall ball. The third task is to work on mobility, shoulders, thoracic, hips etc.   Task One This task is about strength, you’ll

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Heavy kettlebell WOD

Heavy Kettlebell Workout

DUO BRUTUS—a brute of a heavy workout A brute of a workout that leaves you laying on the ground wondering “what just happened?“. On this page: full workout, exercises, movement standards, videos, photos, downloadable PDF.   The workout consists of three tasks, your first is 4 minutes, second is 6 minutes, and your final task

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5 Tips How to Fight Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia is a condition known as muscle loss. It mostly affects people who have passed their fifties, and it can decrease life expectancy and quality. The peak muscle mass is usually achieved in the late 30s and early 40s when a gradual loss of muscle mass begins. Sarcopenia can occur quicker than you may think

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Gi BJJ Comp Training

Just spoke to a good buddy of mine who is entering a Gi BJJ comp after gaining some kilos, he asked what he could do with kettlebells to be more prepared for his upcoming match.   I asked what his weaknesses were. He said that last time his triceps completely gassed out. Thats got something

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Kettlebell Beach Workout

4 pulling and 1 pushing exercise, the hang clean, half snatch, chin-up and pull-up are all pulling exercises. If you want more pulling you can turn the snatch into a hang snatch rather than a swing snatch which is demonstrated in the video. The first two exercises emphasize the traps, upper and middle, the chin-up

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Kettlebell Workout NEMESIS

One workout with specific parts that focus on strength, isometrics, power, flexibility, plyometrics, cardio, and more.   Weight: First two workouts heavy, the third is medium, the fourth and the last is light to medium. Download the free PDF for details.     The workout starts with a full-body warm-up using bodyweight only, really get

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BJJ Strength And Conditioning: Hips, Ankles, Knees, Shoulders + Core

The following flexibility and strength routine/flow is great to work on the hips, core, legs, ankles, knees and shoulders, I’ve been using it since 2010 for my BJJ Strength and Conditioning. (see video at top) Double Kettlebell Racked Get-up Racked Alternating Take-down Lunge Racked Alternating Forward Lunge Get-down and repeat   The racked get-up is

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