BBKB10-4—as in barbell and kettlebell equals okay!

Low reps. Light barbell just to work on technique.

Go heavy with the kettlebell. Seek about 80 to 90% of your max.

  • 4 hip hinge deadlifts (not squat style)
  • 4 power cleans
  • 4 single arm swings (aim for chest height) left
  • 4 single arm swings (aim for chest height) right
  • 4 jerks left
  • 4 jerks right

Repeat 2 times, add 10 tricep push-ups and that’s ONE ROUND.

Complete five rounds FOR TIME.

Rx male barbell 40kg / 88lbs (light), female 30kg
Rx kettlebell 32kg / 70.5lbs (heavy), female 24kg

Find your weakness.


  • Lower the kb weight
  • Double arm swings double the reps
  • Push press instead of jerks

Questions about any of the kettlebell exercises in our discussion group here. They will be answered. In case you missed the video of the workout at the top, here it is again.

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Unlock a slow-motion video of the kettlebell jerk below. Improve your technique. Rack. Quarter squat. Knee jerk. Second dip. Elbow extension. Come up. Bonus: Slow-mo and step-by-step single arm swing video, unlock both below.

Movement standards:

  • Single arm swing
    • Kettlebell reaches chest height
    • The bell is visible behind the legs on the back-swing
    • Hip hinge not squat movement
  • Jerk
    • Full arm extension upon the second dip
    • Come into full hip and knee extension

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