A Kick-Ass Lower-body Kettlebell Workout

This is a kick-ass lower body kettlebell workout that’s not for the faint of heart.

First, let me start by saying that the overhead reverse lunge is not a beginners move, especially with 100 reps to complete. So, make sure you’re up to this task before attempting it.

I kept it super simple for this lower body kettlebell workout, just two awesome exercises, or kettlebell combos to be exact.

  1. 100 overhead reverse lunge
  2. 100 Dead swing clean and squat
This workout works the lower body, I chose to program the lunge as overhead because that requires just a bit more stability, and you get the added benefits of working the thoracic, triceps, serratus anterior, etc.
With the overhead reverse lunge, you want to complete as many reps on one side as possible, this is for several reasons:
  • Stress the triceps
  • Work on muscular endurance
  • Improve your overhead work
  • Complete the task faster if doing this FOR TIME
  • Increase overhead stability


I got to about 30 on one side, I made sure I did the same amount on the other, the next set was 20 and 20. Don’t sacrifice form for reps though. You need to have a full proper lockout for the rep to count. Knee needs to touch the ground, gently!

With the reverse lunge, you can slide back on the ball off the foot, or step back. If your stability is great, step back, if not, slide back. Keep the weight on the front leg at all times. If you find you’re falling over to one side, make sure your feet are in line with the hips, i.e. where they started when you were in neutral standing position.

With the dead swing clean and squat, you want to make sure you get a good hike back to where the bell is between the legs and you have a nice hip hinge. Then squeeze your glutes to come up, clean, rack, and squat deep. Hips below the knees while remaining upright.

Check out these two awesome kettlebell mobility combos I put together for you.


Good luck, and post below or on Facebook once completed.

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