The Most Powerful Kettlebell Snatch In Existence

If you want to work on your power, you have to include this snatch in your training!

Behold, the open palm kettlebell snatch.


Let’s have a quick look at what power exactly is.

Within training, in kettlebell training for us, power is training the ability to contract at maximum force as fast as possible. Power is strength and speed combined. If you’re strong but lack speed, you need to work on your power.

How quick can you get a heavy kettlebell above your head? The quicker you can, the better your power output. Power training carries through in every aspect of your life. Especially as you get older, you need to work within this area.

Why is this version os the kettlebell snatch so powerful, both in its appearance, and the benefits it provides?

  • The power required is the highest out of all snatch version
  • Hand insert is removed
  • It looks awesome
  • Works on wrist strength
  • Great overhead flexibility required

If you want to increase the power required, turn this into a hang open palm snatch. When you turn this into a hang, the distance from start to the end point is decreased, i.e. more power required to achieve the desired effect, getting the kettlebell overhead.

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