Written by Tom Morrison

Ultimately the key to making long term progress is:


Go hard or go home, no pain no gain, yes I totally agree with, and I am all for it! That’s cool beans IF, you are willing to put the work in to have balance.

Let’s face it, there is no greater feeling than lifting something heavy or lying on your back after a workout hoping someone will phone an ambulance if you need it. Pushing yourself to your limits will make you discover so much about yourself, you will wonder how you ever lived before.

This training although awesome is unsustainable. People don’t realise the long game, everyone has heard about breaking down muscle fibres so that they grow back stronger blah blah blah, how much common sense does it take to realise if you constantly break something down… it breaks.

If you are really intent on having a long training career, or even a competitive one you HAVE to feed your body with a form of relaxed movement, I don’t care if it’s yoga, Pilates, mobility, whatever, find something that tickles your fancy and start doing it EVERY DAY! Yes I want you to do MORE not rest.

The more tightness and niggles that you can avoid the more often you will be able to train, plus the more relaxed you can be! I always explain at my seminars that it doesn’t matter how fast you can hit 100%, if you can’t bring yourself back down to zero on command you’re not going to perform at your full potential. Think of a fighter in between rounds, who are you more afraid of, The guy blowing out his ass pacing back and forward or the guy sitting down breathing calmly enjoying his rest? I know who my money is on.

Don’t be another athlete that says in five years time that they wish they had have done their mobility work, be the person that actually does “train smart”.

The biggest one that grinds my gears is when people say “oh I’m just not flexible” …. I’m finding it very hard not to swear just typing that, there is no such thing, flexibility is a CHOICE devote time to it and you’ll earn it, just like if you donate time to donuts you’ll turn into a chub chub, here is some mobility work I have done with people, every one of them reacted differently to different methods BUT they stuck at it and therefore were able to actually lift weights, do plyometrics, do CrossFit workouts.

Play the long game.


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