Over 70 kettlebell clean variations

No other resource on the internet covers as many kettlebell clean variations as this one. It’s a bold claim, but true! Learn techniques that enable you to perform hundreds of continuous reps without skin tearing or blistering.

This incredible resource takes you—whether you’re an at-home kettlebell enthusiast or trainer—from the absolute beginning to the most advanced kettlebell cleans step-by-step with safe and detailed progressions. You chose, get just the book and videos, add the course, or get everything plus online certification.

This book, videos, and course material contains a goldmine of information!


Kettlebell Clean Certification

This is the world’s first and only kettlebell clean certification. Get certified today and receive your certificate online. List of certified people in the kettlebell clean.


L1.0 Kettlebell Clean Student$29.95

  • Book
  • Videos
  • No exams
  • No assessments
  • No certificate

L2.0 Kettlebell Clean Graduate$39.95

  • Book
  • Videos
  • Exams
  • No assessments
  • Certificate of participation

L3.0 Trainer (Become certified)$79.95

  • Book and videos
  • Exams
  • Level I clean assessments
  • Official certificate

L3.1 Trainer (Become certified)$129.95

  • Book and videos
  • Exams
  • Level I + II clean assessments
  • Official certificate

$39.95$399.00Select options

What’s the difference?
The certification is split up into basic and intermediate cleans in level I, and basic to advanced cleans in level II. Level I still includes the information on all cleans but does not require you to successfully pass them. Level I includes the following cleans: assisted, dead, hang, and swing. Using single kettlebell, double kettlebells, and single alternating. The weight of the kettlebell does not come into play.


Below is a short sample of the detailed 60+ minute video you can unlock further below, after which you can choose to buy the 160+ page book which provides a goldmine of information on the kettlebell clean and comes with links to individual videos that include much more broken down details on each clean. Or become certified online in the kettlebell clean.

Below is the 60+ minute video that demonstrates the majority of kettlebell clean variations, you can unlock this video with a simple social share.




  • Printable certificate after passing
  • Videos
  • PDF
  • Assessment

Does not include coaching. The difference between assessment and coaching is that with the assessment we tell you what’s incorrect but not how to fix it (information is in the material provided), with coaching we provide details on how to fix the problem and what type of training and drills you should be doing.



The online kettlebell clean certification can be completed in 2 days, the average is 5 to 10 days, and the limit is 30 days. After 30 days your course will expire and you need to purchase a new enrolment.


What will you learn?

  • Different ways to power the movement
  • How to break down the clean
  • How to avoid impact
  • Safety and efficiency
  • How to grip the kettlebell
  • How to transition from one grip into the next
  • What the clean is and what it is not
  • How to increase reps

The course and book also include plenty of cleans very suitable for mma/bjj and other fight sport conditioning.


$39.95$399.00Select options

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