Curtsy Deadlift

Kettlebell Curtsy Lunge Deadlift

In this video, I demonstrate the kettlebell Curtsy lunge deadlift. It’s a great kettlebell exercise to work on hip, ankle, and knee strength, but also flexibility. The exercise—like any kettlebell exercise—requires progression, if you skip that progression you will run the risk of injury. If the exercise injures you, it wasn’t the exercise but the

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Kettlebell Deadlift

Kettlebell Deadlift Variations

In this video, I talk about the kettlebell deadlift and demonstrate some kettlebell deadlift variations that you can use in your kettlebell workouts. The first variation I demonstrate is the squat deadlift. If the word squat combined with a deadlift has got you puzzled, then I highly recommend you watch the whole video as it

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Kettlebell Deadlift Variations

Deadlift Variations With 1 Kettlebell

What if you only have one kettlebell or several kettlebells, but no matching pairs? How will you make certain exercises more challenging? First, let’s list some kettlebell deadlift variations: Suitcase deadlift Sumo deadlift Stiff-legged deadlift Single-leg deadlift Curtsy lunge deadlift Lunge deadlift Staggered stance deadlift My goal with this article is to give you some

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WOD CT10.4—With Heavy Deadlifts

This workout consists of three tasks, first one is for strength, heavy deadlifts, swings, and presses. The second task is medium weight working on explosiveness and plyometrics, double kettlebell clean and jerk, and wall ball. The third task is to work on mobility, shoulders, thoracic, hips etc.   Task One This task is about strength, you’ll

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