Improve Your Deadlift by 10% with Two Effective Exercises

Improve Your Deadlift by 10% with Two Effective Exercises

The Cavemantraining Deadlift Booster—improve your Deadlifts by ten percent!


As if a 10% increase in Deadlifting from these two effective exercises isn’t enough, you can also expect an increase in your back/front squat, and progressing to pistol squats without you even knowing it.


Almost every CrossFit gym has one of these contraptions, in some they just gather dust, in others they’ve realised the potential they have, I’m talking about the bulky GHD, the Glute and Ham Developer.

These things are so awesome, boring but awesome. Everyone should finish their WODs/workouts with at least 6 sets of 6 to 8 reps. You’ll be working parts of your posterior chain muscles you didn’t know you had.

To improve your Deadlift you want to look at the strength and flexibility of your hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae and quads, your quads although not the prime drivers for the Conventional Deadlift, they still come into play, plus if you’re like me, a fan of Sumo Deadlifts as well, then your quads will be worked a lot more. The GHD works your hamstrings, glutes and erector spinae muscle groups.


Not only do you want to work on strength plus flexibility, you also want to work on hip mobility! Next up is the almighty Cossack Squat, one of my longtime favourites, I’ve been using it for ages, in particular to progress to pistol squat, but also to work my quads while getting a good dynamic hamstring stretch. I’m a big fan of dynamic stretches, more so than static stretches, in fact, the older I get, the more I lean to only dynamic stretching, exercises that provide stretching during the workout etc.


So at the end of your workouts, from now, throw in the Cavemantraining Deadlift Booster.

  • 8 reps of back extensions on the GHD
  • 8 reps of the Cossack Squat on each side

Six sets or more depending on what you did in your workout.


I’ve personally seen my Deadlift improve by 10% after 4 weeks of the Cavemantraining Deadlift Booster. If it boosted your Deadlift, post it on Facebook and hashtag it #cavemantrainingdlbooster


Unlock the video below to see the two exercises in action.



If you watch the video you’ll notice I do a bit of a double/triple bounce at the bottom of the Cossack Squat, I like to do this in my stretches, just a little added bounce to go just that little bit deeper in the deepest part of the stretch. Nothing explosive or crazy, just controlled.

Always adjust during your Cossack Squat, you need to find the most optimal position for the feet, don’t continue your squat if it doesn’t feel right. The Cossack Squat is not easy, nor is it for beginners, there is a lot that can be written about this amazing exercise…. in due time.


Next week: how to improve your overhead barbell work with one simple exercise.

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