The Dudley—Kettlebell WOD

I’m so excited about putting this WOD up, you’ll understand what I’m talking about once you complete this. This is currently on the top of my favourites. You can view a video below, but you’ll want to read the full article on BoxRox, which I wrote, as it goes into full details.



The Dudley- #Kettlell #WOD More details on soon

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First task – 22 min AMRAP

  • 2 x Dead to Overhead and Surrender
  • 2 x Renegade Rows
  • 2 x Wide Bent-over Rows
  • 2 x Archer Push-up L/R

You’re working with two kettlebells, recommended weight is 50 to 65% of your 1RM Row.

1 to 2 minute rest. If you’re hardcore and it’s a piece of cake, forget the rest and move on to your next task.

Second task – 6 min AMRAP

  • Double-arm Swings
  • You’re working with one kettlebell, recommend weight is 45 to 55% of your 1RM Swing.

1 to 2 minute rest.

Third and final task

150 alternating Strict Presses – for time

Working with one kettlebell 50 to 60% of your 1RM Strict Press.


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