The Caveman 500 Clean and Strict Press Challenge

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  • Work on your technique
  • Challenge yourself
  • Work on your mental toughness
  • Do something crazy
  • Find your faults/weaknesses
  • Be part of something bigger



Five hundred alternating swing clean and strict presses FOR TIME. Try and complete as many without putting the kettlebell down, but with good form and technique.

Full lockout upon each rep, no use of the legs, if you do not have the strength to press it, rest.

Recommended weight for this high volume is 40 to 50% of 1RM strict press.


Technique Tips

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WARNING: you should have a moderate to high level of fitness. 500 reps is an insane amount to complete in one session, discontinue the challenge if you feel any pain. Although high reps are great to work on technique and bring your weaknesses to the surface, it’s not a time to start learning, in other words, you need to have some skills behind you already before you attempt this amount of reps. Word to your mom!

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