Ramp up your Deadlift

Ramp up Your Deadlift With LittleTank

Hi everyone, this is LittleTank with another tutorial to help you ramp up your deadlift numbers while also nailing perfect form.

I posted this video using the Facebook Live application and the response has been epic, so clearly I’ve hit a nerve and people want to know more.

I use numerous assistance moves to improve deadlift performance and the Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift (3HL) is one of the best. The goal here is hip and glute drive. The deadlift is not a back move! It’s a FULL BODY DRIVE. Unless you activate your hips and glutes, good numbers and an injury free body will remain a dream.

Switch on your glutes people!!!!!

Give this a go and share with us all here how switching on your ass increases your numbers…….




What’s your go to assistance exercise for the Deadlift? Post below or on our Facebook.

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