Kirsten Tulloch

Kirsten is a Strength & Conditioning Coach based in Scotland with a global reach through the wonderful world of Social Media. Former international bodybuilder now specialising in kettlebells, mace training and all things strength related.  I train, I teach, I inspire. Available for in person and online training. Workshops & seminars. "Although she be but little she is fierce." ~ Shakespear

How to flip a heavy tyre

How To Flip a Heavy Ass Tyre

Social media is full of videos of people tyre flipping with shocking technique. Many people out there (I believe most actually) “muscle” it, meaning they lift it using their biceps. That’s fine when it’s a small tyre but do that with a big one and you’re setting yourself up for a biceps tear. NOT COOL.

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The Suitcase Swing

Enter The Suitcase Swing

Hi everyone, LittleTank here once again with another video tutorial to help you get the most out of your training! I posted the following video using Facebook Live a few weeks ago and the response was excellent so I have decided to share it with all of you here on Cavemantraining. In this clip I

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