How to flip a heavy tyre

How To Flip a Heavy Ass Tyre

Hi everyone, this is LittleTank once again with more training wisdom to make you better, faster and stronger.

Today I am sharing with you my “How To Flip a Tyre” tutorial from my YouTube channel.

The video is me and my “boy” named Troy. Troy is a tractor tyre and is 120kg of fun. In my classes we flip Troy often. Tyre flipping done the right way is physically demanding, intense and mentally engaging. It will give you results you wouldn’t expect from something so simple.


Social media is full of videos of people tyre flipping with shocking technique. Many people out there (I believe most actually) “muscle” it, meaning they lift it using their biceps. That’s fine when it’s a small tyre but do that with a big one and you’re setting yourself up for a biceps tear. NOT COOL.

Using strongman style technique (straight arms and drive through like a rugby scrum) will give you all of the gain with none of the pain. Leave the mini tyres to the pretty boys in board shorts. Roll your sleeves up and learn to play with the big boys.


How to flip a heavy tyre

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