Roses and Babies 96—A HARDCORE WOD

Look, I could not stand to use another name like Workout From Hell 96, Torture Workout 96, or Killer Workout 96, so I went the complete opposite way, and the first thing that came to mind when thinking about this workout was roses and babies. Behold, I present to you…

Roses and Babies 96 FOR TIME



Just 4 exercises and easy to remember cals or reps to complete, here it is:

  • 8 calories on the rower
  • 8 calories on the assault bike
  • 8 kettlebell swings
  • 8 half kettlebell snatches

Swap with your partner. Partner counts reps and also reminds the number of cals to burn, for example, the first person will do 8 cals on the rower and the bike each, then the next person will start at 8 and go to 16 on each, the next will be 24, and so on. Pretty simple, but when you’re doing this intense WOD, sure as eggs you’ll forget, and you don’t want to be burning any extra calories!

12 rounds in total or the same as 96 cals/reps a station. 6 rounds each, indeed, one person rests while the other works, you’re going to need it. This WOD is FOR TIME. We recorded our time with the Cavemantraining Workout Timer on Google Play, check it out, you’re not going to find anything better for your workouts.

RX weights are:

  • Male
    • 32kg/70lbs for swings
    • 2 x 16kg/35lbs for half snatches
  • Female
    • 24kg/53lbs for swings
    • 2 x 12kg/26 for half snatches


  • Swings
    • Bell to chest height
    • Bell visible behind the knees
  • Snatches
    • Full overhead lockout
    • Into racking
    • Into backswing with bells visible behind the knees

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