Unilateral Strength Workout With Kettlebells

This unilateral strength workout with a heavy kettlebell focusses on the upper body, it leaves no muscle unworked!

Hits all the deltoids, obliques, chest, and back muscles.


The workout is as follows:

  • 20-meter farmer walk left
  • 20-meter overhead walk right
  • 20-meter farmer walk right
  • 20-meter overhead walk left
  • 8 chest presses left
  • 8 bent over rows right
  • 8 chest presses right
  • 8 bent over rows left
  • 1 to 2 minutes rest

6 rounds.

Weight is 75 to 80% of your max.

For the first round, use a lighter weight for the overhead work and chest press.


Bent-over dead rows

I love this version of the bent-over row as it also works your core and even posterior chain muscles with isometrics. You have to work really hard to remain as solid as possible while rowing, pull the heels outwards, press the heels into the ground, squeeze the glutes, brace your abs, pull your lats down, create tension on the non-rowing side as well. When ready, start rowing while remaining as solid as a rock. Row the weight into the hips, focus on pulling the elbow up, and slowly release, take advantage of the down phase of this movement as well. If you find that your body is moving too much while rowing, then your weight is too heavy. Make sure you check out the common rowing mistake video at the bottom.

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One Kettlebell

I chose to do this with one kettlebell as it provides added benefits. Most people think that training with two kettlebells is harder than one, yes it adds more load, but it does not make the exercise harder, in fact, quite the opposite. Snatching one kettlebell is harder than two, farmer walks with one kettlebell is harder than two, and so on. I’ve already given one great example in the video, the one-arm farmer walks require more engagement of muscles to stay straight, to stabilize, etc.

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Video: 10+ Kettlebell Row Variations And Common Mistake Made

Find out below what the common mistake made is with rowing exercises, you might even be making this mistake without knowing it. This bit of knowledge might change the way you row and/or what weight you chose to work with from here on out.

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