strength workout

The Man of Steel Workout

This workout is to be performed super slow, as slow as possible with the heaviest weight possible, all while maintaining good form & technique during the full range of motion.   This is The Man of Steel Workout   The workout is as follows: Combo 1 Dead swing clean Squat Press Combo to be performed on …

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Biceps and triceps workout

Brachium Superius—MAX BICEP & TRICEP PUMP!

This awesome biceps and triceps workout Brachium Superius includes the best of the best tools to give your upper arms that amazing pump you’re looking for. There is barbell, kettlebell, trx, dipping bar and pull-up bar work involved. Holding your protein shake after this workout is even going to be an effort.

Femoris Muerto Strength Workout

Femoris Muerto Strength Workout

This awesome Caveman Strength workout comes with a warm-up/mobility routine and consists of 3 exercises, deadlift, swing and turkish getup.

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