Hot Damn! Hells No! That’s not a Clean! Youtube Crap

Allow me to open and expand your mind. I’ll tread carefully, I promise.

You see all these YouTube videos, and scrolling through the comments you’ll find:

  • “That’s not a clean”
  • “That’s not a push-up”
  • “That’s not a pull-up”
  • And so on…

Heck, maybe you’re even one of those people who comment, I once was. Until I took the red pill (just kidding). I’m going to keep this short, as I’ve written about it hundreds of times, and I don’t want to flog a dead horse, or maybe I do. Yes, I do. In case you’re wondering, yes, I had a strong coffee.

If someone puts a video up and titles it “Kettlebell Clean”, then proceeds to demonstrate it with the bell starting dead on the ground, cleans it squat style, straight into racking position. You might be tempted to say “That’s not a clean!”, because more than likely, you’ll do what most do, get lazy and call the most popular clean ‘The Clean’. But, take that red pill and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  • A Clean = Dead Clean
  • A Clean = Dead Swing Clean
  • A Clean = Swing Clean
  • A Clean = Hang Clean
  • A Clean = …..

But a ‘Swing Clean’ is not a ‘Dead Clean’. A Clean is any type of clean. Hell, it can even be a Barbell Power Clean.

Now, don’t worry, all if this is not your mistake, it’s the mistake of educational providers, trainers, and coaches, who put their materials out to the world, and don’t get specific with their exercise naming. So, join the revolution, and start naming properly.

Need some more examples?

  • A Push-up = Tricep Push-up
  • A Push-up = Hybrid Push-up
  • A Push-up = Chest Push-up
  • A Push-up = Diamond Push-up
  • And so on…



Now, I’m still coming to terms with some of this myself, so don’t be scared to pull me up.


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