Kettlebell Jefferson Curl

This description and tutorial of the kettlebell Jefferson Curl is my description and experience with the Jefferson Curl. Hence, it might not align with other descriptions, uses, or teachings. Take and use the information as you see fit. First and foremost, the Jefferson Curl, like most movements that are not used by everyday people (but

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What defines a sumo squat?

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no, it's a sumo squat! Or perhaps it's not. But how do we know? Squat stances Narrow Neutral Wide Sumo Staggered Etc.   What is Sumo? Sumo in the context of exercise is a stance one takes to perform a squat or hip hinge movement. Forget what

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Why Crossfitters Hate Kettlebells

You might or might not know, I’m a CrossFit and kettlebell trainer. I use both the barbell and kettlebell. But at the right times, for the right reasons, and most of the time that means using the kettlebell. In this article: Solutions To Kettlebell Pains, Why Kettlebells Over Barbells?, Kettlebell Weight Limitation, Kettlebell WOD Videos

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