Kettlebell Combo RAMSAR

This is RAMSAR, a kettlebell combo designed by Cavemantraining and filmed in the ancient city of Butrint.

The combo is:

  • Squat dead curl
  • Bent-over-row
  • Hang clean
  • Swing
  • Snatch
  • Windmill

To perform:

  1. Deep squat
  2. Curl from dead
  3. Good rack
  4. Stand up
  5. Drop in to hang
  6. Bent-over row
  7. Move into squat position
  8. Hang clean the kettlebell
  9. Rack
  10. Drop from rack into backswing
  11. Swing
  12. Backswing
  13. Snatch
  14. Adjust stance
  15. Windmill
  16. Drop from overhead into racking
  17. Move into a deep squat
  18. Return the weight to dead
  19. Repeat


To learn more kettlebell complexes and combos, check out Kettlebell Complexes Made Simple. To learn some of the fundamentals that you need to know before you can perform these combos, check out the free PDFs Master Kettlebell Grips and Master Kettlebell Racking. If you’ve been training for a while and feel you are still missing something, i.e. you are not 100% comfortable with moving the kettlebell, then check out our online kettlebell courses or online kettlebell certification. If you’re a trainer, get your CEUs with our accredited course.

Watching a video like this is cool, it gives you some idea of how to perform the combo, but it does not explain all the grip transitions, the stance transitions, and much more to stay safe and enjoy your kettlebell training. Check out the Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia if you want to dive deeper into many kettlebell exercises so you too can create and program your own kettlebell combos.

Kettlebell exercises or movements with a kettlebell require knowledge of grip, grip transitions, positioning of the body and limbs, stance adjustments, position and movement of the non-working arm, where to look, what the common mistakes are, and so much more than just throwing that weight around. Knowing why you’re doing something rather than just doing it is also super important. Without all this knowledge, you run the risk of injury. The best place to gain all this knowledge is on Cavemantraining, in particular, the Caveman Inner Circle as it has over 160 full-length sessions that contain videos for warming up, cooling down, exercise technique, workout and warm-up explained, common mistakes, alternatives and progressions, plus much more. You get optional coaching included.

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