Kettlebell Bent-Over Row and Swing Combo for Strength and Power

This combo is a kettlebell bent-over row and swing. You could say that this is a strength and power interval workout. One rep of a heavy double kettlebell row followed by some single-arm swings to break it up. Whether the swing is for power or not will depend on the style of swing you implement and whether you make it a fast swing or a swing at a moderate speed but fast enough to get it to about chest height. Whether you work on explosiveness also depends on whether you focus on increasing velocity as fast and in a short distance as possible.

The weight needs to be heavy but not so heavy that you can’t finish the duration of work set out without failure.

This kettlebell combo is performed with two kettlebells, for alternatives and progressions, come and join the 100% online private group where we post weekly workouts and people progress from beginner to pro kettlebell enthusiasts. But more importantly, people make progress. Increasing their strength, cardio, form and technique. On top of that, you also get tips on parts of the workouts that a special focus is needed to avoid injury, like in this workout, the tip was to come out of the bent-over row and stand up straight to relax the hip extensors before you go into another hip extensor exercise. Plus plenty of other little gold nuggets that build up your knowledge base over a period of time.

The combo is a double and single kettlebell combo performed as:

  • wide stance hip hinge (bent-over)
  • dead
  • row
  • dead
  • repeat the row
  • step back
  • hike back from dead
  • powerful upswing
  • repeat several times
  • back to dead
  • repeat on the other side

The workout was performed as AMRAP. There was task 1 and task 2, plus we had a warm-up, body work, prep work, the workout, and ended with an awesome cooldown. Our kettlebell workouts are hybrid, unlike many others who stick to the same exercises. Don’t get me wrong, I promote sticking to a set of exercises and repeating workouts or exercises as I covered in my book How to Program for Kettlebell Training which is a book geared to people with no experience in programming. With that said, I also promote switching it up, they all have their own benefits and it depends on what you want from your kettlebell training.

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