Kettlebell Combo Exercises

Kettlebell Combo Exercises

If you’re looking for great kettlebell combo exercises then you’ve come to the right place, we got hundreds! Seriously, because you can literally combine just about any kettlebell exercise with another exercise. Of course, you want to combine kettlebell exercises that compliment each other, and preferably transition well from one into the next. The clean, …

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Kettlebell combo

The Forty Saints Kettlebell Combo

This is an awesome kettlebell combo filmed at the Forty Saints monastery, a 6th century AD monastery that became for at least one millennium the most important pilgrimage site in the Ionian Sea region. The combo is: Hip hinge deadlift Bent-over row Hang clean Figure of eight Around the body Transverse catch Repeat on the …

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Kettlebell Combo Exercises

Kettlebell Combo BOSTON

Kettlebell combos are awesome, they are not only effective but they’re also entertaining. Enjoying your training is good as it keeps you motivated to keep moving! But… One does not just string exercises together and fling a kettlebell around like it’s nothing. Doing so is asking for trouble. Besides, you also want to be able …

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Kettlebell Combo

Kettlebell Combo RAMSAR

This is RAMSAR, a kettlebell combo designed by Cavemantraining and filmed in the ancient city of Butrint. The combo is: Squat dead curl Bent-over-row Hang clean Swing Snatch Windmill To perform: Deep squat Curl from dead Good rack Stand up Drop in to hang Bent-over row Move into squat position Hang clean the kettlebell Rack …

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