Double Kettlebell Strength Combo and Workout

This is a double kettlebell strength combo that we programmed in our weekly workout, 1 of 180, and is called TWENTYFOUR. I will list the kettlebell workout for you below and I will also cover some of the concepts behind the programming.

The Workout

Performed with double kettlebells of medium to heavy weight.

Task 1

1 × dead swingsnatch
1 × overhead alternating reverse lunge

4 ×  jumping jacks

1 × dead swingclean
1 × racked squat
1 × strict press

4 ×  jumping jacks

24 rounds

Task 2

1 × CrossFit burpee
1 × jumping jack
24 rounds


The workout is designed as follows. A power exercise like the snatch or clean followed by a strength exercise like the overhead reverse lunge or racked squat and strict press. There are 24 rounds of that The kettlebell combos are broken up with a bodyweight exercise. The weight also returns to dead after each power and strength combo as this allows the athlete to reset. The jumping jacks give the athlete a short break without doing nothing.

The workout is FOR TIME, which means to be completed as fast as possible with good form and technique. The fact the weights go back to dead and there are active breaks in between is what allows the athlete to reset and also maintain a good pace. Sometimes pacing without a real break gets you a faster time than when going all out and having the rest each time, and longer rest as the session nears its end.

We create a lot of hybrid workouts, mixing kettlebells with bodyweight cardio exercises, or even with dynamic stretches, or other mobility work.

The strength exercises could be performed much faster than they are as demonstrated in the video, but that would mean fewer benefits, and also a high chance of sacrificing form and technique which is something we don’t promote. If you skip to the video at 1:12 I talk about this topic. The objective is to show total control over the exercises.

We finish the workout with a short but super intense bodyweight combo that will take your breath away, spike your heart rate, and leave you laying in a pool of sweat at the end of the workout. A couple of hours later, the heavy strength exercises hit you and you will feel good for the next few days.

Kettlebell Workouts For At-home

The video is a snippet from one of our many kettlebell workouts available in our online library to which a new one is added each week. Members of our private group get to complete up to 3 workouts each week from the comfort of their home. They can also choose to participate and submit their video of the workout for coaching and feedback or remain in the background (anonymous).

Members of our private group get videos for the following:

  • Introduction
  • Workout details
  • Warm-up technique
  • Workout technique
  • Common mistakes
  • Alternatives and progressions
  • Programming
  • Follow-along warm-up
  • Prep work
  • Follow-along workout
  • Follow-along cooldown

Join us today and start working out from home in your own time. Learn the finer techniques of kettlebell training. Stay accountable and receive motivation. If you prefer books instead of videos, check out our kettlebell workout book collection Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1, 2, and 3.

To learn more about programming for kettlebell training check out this book.

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