How to Overcome Depression Without Medication

How to Overcome Depression Without Medication

Everyone is depressed sometimes, it’s part of life, we need our ups and downs to be able to appreciate the ups. Sometimes that dark period can last longer than it should and it might feel like there is nothing else but bad. Here’s how to overcome depression without medication and/or help someone else that needs a little lifting up.

There is not one shred of doubt in my mind that these 7 steps will increase your happiness if not totally irradicate your depression. Know that things take time and persistence, small and consistent steps are required.

Our legal department told me to make sure to include a disclaimer, here it is: The information that follows has worked for me and plenty of other people that I have worked with, but, always do your own research and never blindly take anyone’s word as the definitive answer—that includes mine. With that out of the way, here are some things that you can do to overcome depression without medication:

Music (mental)

Happy music provides mental benefits. It does not fix any underlying physical issues but it provides a mental boost and can set the tone for the day. Find yourself some music that you like and play it in the morning. Personally, I enjoy this channel here which plays a lot of golden oldies. This radio channel helped me get in a better frame of mind during hard times in 2020 and 2021.

Exercise (physical)

Our bodies are made to exercise. If we do not get the right amount of exercise every day then our body will react in a negative way. The less you do, the less you want to do and the weaker you’ll get. The longer you do nothing the harder it is to start again. Not exercising affects your sleep. If you can’t sleep, it could be because your body doesn’t need it. It’s a fact, that if you got in your daily dose of exercise, you will sleep a whole lot better than when you don’t. This just touches the surface of what physical exercise can do for you but burning calories and good sleep is a priority.

HIIT releases endorphins in the brain. Researchers have revealed that exercise-induced endorphin release in the brain depends on the intensity of the exercise. Endorphin release induced by exercise may be an important mechanism that affects exercise motivation and maintenance of regular physical activity. Source:

Overcome Depression

Nature (mental and physical)

Getting out in nature is usually associated with physical activity (walking, trekking, camping, etc.) so it’s not only good for mental but also physical stimulation. Being away from all the technological gadgets, phonecalls, noise pollution, and more will help anyone improve their mental wellbeing. Even if it’s just 30 minutes outside in nature, it’s better than staying inside 24×7. Walking with your shoes off, where possible and safe, increases the benefits of being out in nature.

Food (mental and physical)

No matter what you think, what you eat and drink affects how you feel. It’s a fact. Not only can certain foods or drinks upset your stomach which can affect your sleep, but they can also lower your energy, and so much more. It’s super important to eat good healthy food. It’s important to eat mixed, fresh, and in moderation. When it comes to drinks, the same applies, and too much of anything will affect you. You don’t need to cut out bad foods and drinks altogether, start slow, and in the end, moderation is key.

Thoughts (mental)

How you think about things and repeat them in your mind will set the tone for the day. If you start the day by pushing out bad and negative thoughts one by one and consistently, then eventually you will be thinking positive. You should not worry about things that you can’t control. Things that won’t change by having negative thoughts. If there is something of which the outcome doesn’t change no matter how negative you think about it, then you should know that you are in control and that it’s you who is driving and persisting with the negativity.

Sleep (mental and physical)

A big cause of depression can be bad or lack of sleep. One day might not affect you, but consecutive days will wreak havoc. Good sleep is what repairs the body and calms the mind.

Physical activity, good nutrition, good thoughts, and mental control all play a big part in quality sleep. By mental control, I mean that you are able to turn things off when it’s time to go to sleep. If you are laying there and thinking about negative things, know that you thinking about them is not going to change anything other than your quality of sleep. Thinking about things will not make them better, the only thing that assists in making things better is not thinking about them when you go to sleep as that will create a better you the next day. A you who can handle the difficulties much better.

Have kettlebells helped you in any shape or form with overcoming depression?

“Not clinical depression but they genuinely make me happy. I’ve dabbled with other training modalities but kettlebells keep me coming back, I love their simplicity and their complexity. It’s not just the strength and fitness either, I think some of the moves feel so good to do, like circular cleans, and windmills (for me) I’m sure they’re good for the brain too.

Ed Viser

Find purpose and set goals (mental and physical)

Not having any purpose, nothing to learn, and nothing to wake up for can play a huge factor in depression. Having a purpose and/or goal is super important.

I’m biased, not only because kettlebells are my work but also because it’s what has worked for me personally. It provides a purpose, physical activity, fun, and a lifelong educational journey.

Set a goal, increase your 1RM or learn a new skill. Complete new workouts with the books below. Complete an online course for yourself or to teach others. Join an online community and start asking questions. Interact.

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I’ll leave you with a final word: If you truly want to get rid of your depression then it’s simply a choice of making changes or continuing on the downward spiral. Which one is it?

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