The Forty Saints Kettlebell Combo

This is an awesome kettlebell combo filmed at the Forty Saints monastery, a 6th century AD monastery that became for at least one millennium the most important pilgrimage site in the Ionian Sea region. The combo is:

  • Hip hinge deadlift
  • Bent-over row
  • Hang clean
  • Figure of eight
  • Around the body
  • Transverse catch

Repeat on the other side. We filmed this for our 155th week of the Caveman Inner Circle, in which our private members get the full explanation, progression, common mistakes, and much more. The workout has a warm-up which is:

  • 4 × jumping jacks
  • 2 × Frankenstein kicks each side
  • 2 × squats

2 minutes

  • Hip hinge into arms overhead
  • Alternating thoracic rotation push and pull

2 minutes

2 rounds

A full follow-along video for the warm-up, workout, and cooldown is available in the private group. Come and join us. The workout itself contains 3 tasks, 2 EMOMs, and one rep-based task. If you want to learn how to program kettlebell workouts for yourself, check out our book How to Program for Kettlebell Training.

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