POSEIDON GRIND—A kettlebell strength combo

This kettlebell combo is the POSEIDON GRIND, a kettlebell combo for strength. A grind in kettlebell training means that the movement for the exercise is slow and shows total control over the weight and movement. A lot of tension is created throughout the body, you could call this TUT as well as you’re prolonging time under tension with the slow grind.

The kettlebell combo is:

  • Squat dead curl (hammer curl)
  • Standing hammer curl
  • Backswing to switch grip
  • Ribbons
  • Pullover
  • Jefferson curl
  • Back to dead

Other great kettlebell grinding exercises are, but not limited to:

But beware, just because they can be used for grinds doesn’t mean that they can’t be performed a little bit faster. But this requires more context and that’s for other articles. If you want to learn how to train and progress correctly with the kettlebell, then check out our kettlebell training video or online kettlebell training certification and courses.

As mentioned in the video, pick your weight wisely as the exercises involve a lot of wrist work and movements from which most people are less conditioned. Find out how to program kettlebell combos like these for your workout or program. If you enjoy strength workouts and need a strict routine that gets results, check out Prometheus Phase II or join our online workout group which includes the program and a lot more.

Another great combo that was linked to in the videos was the RAMSAR combo and the LUKOVA kettlebell flow which I’ll list for you below. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with our kettlebell videos, or if you’re on other social platforms like Rumble, etc. check out all our social media links here.


RAMSAR Kettlebell Combo

Kettlebell Flow Advanced LUKOVA

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