THE BALDER Kettlebell Combo for Power and Strength

This awesome kettlebell combo is for power and strength. The combo is a dead clean, bent-over row, dead clean, and strict press with double kettlebells. You should use a squat movement for the dead clean, a hip hinge for the row, and make sure to watch the video above for the nuances of transitions.

The dead cleans are for power. The bent-over row and strict press are for strength. Power equals speed and strength.


  1. Dead
  2. Squat stance
  3. Pull
  4. Ballistic flight
  5. Open up and insert
  6. Catch and rack
  7. Drop into a hip hinge
  8. Bent-over row
  9. Dead
  10. Adjust position
  11. Pull
  12. Ballistic flight
  13. Open up and insert
  14. Catch and rack
  15. Strict press
  16. Pull back into rack
  17. Drop into dead
  18. Repeat


This combo was designed by Cavemantraining for our weekly kettlebell workouts. The whole session is over 1 hour of footage with videos covering the warm-up and workout technique, common mistakes, programming, and follow-along warm-up, workout, and cooldown. Check it out as it’s the best thing you can get for online workouts and coaching (the coaching is optional).

In our group you’ll also find out how to program this, warm-up for it, and cooldown.

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