Short, But Insane. A kettlebell workout

This workout is short, or rather, the tasks are short and have few reps, but the weights are heavy, hence the reason I kept the reps low. This is two rounds of short fast bursts of explosiveness. Finishing with pure strength, strict pull-ups, and triceps push-ups. All FOR TIME.

  • 6 CrossFit burpees
  • 4 double kettlebell swings
  • 4 dead snatch each side

4 rounds
3 minutes rest

Repeat twice.

Finish with 25 strict pull-ups and 25 triceps push-ups.

Rx male 2 x 20kg / 44lbs
Rx female 2 x 16kg / 35.2lbs


  • CrossFit burpee standards
  • Swings
    • Kettlebells swinging with the bells coming behind the legs
    • At the top of the swing the bells chest height
  • Dead snatches
    • Weight dead on the ground without movement
    • One uninterrupted explosive pull to overhead
    • Coming into full extension
    • One split second the bell is motionless overhead
    • The bell is returned into proper racking
    • The bell is returned to dead via a controlled deceleration
  • Wide grip overhead pull-ups
    • The arms create a ‘Y’
    • Fully hanging start with elbows extended
    • Chin above the bar
    • Controlled decent to hang
  • Triceps push-ups
    • Hands under elbows
    • Elbows reach an angle of 90 degrees
    • The elbows and shoulders remain in one straight vertical line till towards the feet (not flaring out)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, these are called kettlebell dead snatches, if we really want to get picky, they’re called half dead snatches. The weight is snatched dead from the ground each time and returned into racking to dead. The word ‘dead’ means nothing else but the weight being dead on the ground upon each rep. It does not mean the weight needs to be deadlifted, nor that it should be a hip hinge.

It’s not redundant to put this in the exercise name. CrossFit has the Snatch (which is really a dead snatch) and the hang snatch. Because the dead snatch is so popular, it’s shortened to just the purest form of the exercise name. The purest form of an exercise is the exercise itself, not its variations or how it’s performed:

  • Pull-ups
    Pulling yourself up
  • Push-ups
    Pushing yourself up
  • Snatches
    A fast and explosive movement in which equipment goes from lower directly to overhead
  • Squats
    A movement in which the hips move towards the ground and the knees come forward
  • Swings
    A movement in which a piece of equipment moves back and forth

Etcetera, none describe the variation or the way it’s performed.

Now, let’s describe the actual variation of a couple of exercises:

  • Dead snatch
    Could also be half dead snatch with squat under
  • Dead lift
    Could also be hip hinge dead lift or squat dead lift, etcetera
  • Dead clean
  • Wide grip overhand pull-up
  • Chest push-up
  • Hybrid push-up
  • Triceps push-up

I know it’s bloody insane, just stating some facts, keep doing what you’re doing while I just sit here creating insane workouts and spurt out some crap. 🙂

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