Back to basics. Can you help change the world?

How can you help to change the world a tiny bit?

“What is this? I thought you were about hardcore training and workouts?” No. We focus on everything that is part of you achieving a healthy happy life. Food and a lot of other factors play part in that.

Four simple super powerful but basic ideas:

  • Teach our children to fish and to farm, and in the process get rid of trawlers that fish (murder) the ocean by using nets that capture anything (by-kill) in their way.
  • Create jobs, create passion, create physical demanding jobs—think fishing and farming— that will improve not only the lives of those performing the jobs but also that of those who they’re providing to.
  • Return to specialization, not big chain supermarkets that sell crap bought from companies that don’t care.
  • Eat to feed just the body, not the mind, eat to heal the body and the mind will follow.

None of this will ever happen unless governments across the world stand behind these ideas. As long as they don’t, the world will only be destroyed bit by bit till there is nothing left.

Everything is driven by money, everything is managed by people so disconnected from the real world that they’re unable to make decisions that help the planet.

Ever noticed how these 30 years ago sci-fi movies are now a reality, i.e. phones in our ears, our whole life in our hands, personal levitation jet-packs, all of this was unimaginable 30 years ago, it was sci-fi (fiction), but now it’s reality. Think about all these movies we’re watching where the people of earth have to find another place to live, right now it’s sci-fi but 30 years from now…

How can you help? Educate yourself, educate your children, open up, start caring about more than the eye can see. Share the knowledge.

The least each and every person on this earth should do is open their minds, this does not mean that you should blatantly believe everything you hear or read, it means that you go and watch something without already having made up your mind, and not allowing any information to actually hit your brain. For a moment, put aside what you think you know, open up and pick a sensitive topic, find a documentary, watch it, take away from it that which makes sense, look further into that which does not. Spread the word. A simple opening up might the one simple step you can take to help.

With all that said, here are some documentaries I suggest watching. And by listing these, I’m not saying they’re 100% correct, I’m saying each of them has something you can take a small piece away from, a small piece of information that might change your own life, or that of others.

  1. Super Size Me
  2. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
  3. May I Be Frank
  4. Food, Inc.
  5. The Bleeding Edge
  6. Take Your Pills

Got recommendations? Let us know and join in on our group discussion. Our group is called Nothing but training matters. Meaning we discuss nothing but training, and that nothing but training matters. Always progressing. Part of training is training our brain. Everything for performance and a good healthy happy life starts with the brain, decisions on what we eat, all this flows through into performance and mindset.


Thoughts by Taco Fleur, spoken by Russ Wood




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