"I'M TOO OLD FOR THAT" is just another excuse for "I'M TOO LAZY FOR THAT"

Kettlebell Workout ‘DELTSFELT’ for awesome shoulders!


This workout hits your deltoids from six different angles at the front, side and rear, the core and lower-body aren’t neglected either. If you’re looking to create these awesome shaped shoulders that look good from every angle, this is your go-to workout!

Work with two light to medium kettlebells because we do quite a few reps, plus the side delts are involved with the side press. Don’t do the side press if you’re not strong in your side deltoids yet. Use 1 heavy kettlebell for the hip hinge swings.

3 x strict front/hybrid/side press (that’s three presses = 1 rep)

3 x bent over rows 90/45/0 degrees (that’s three rows = 1 rep)

5 x racked front squat

10 x heavy kettlebell double arm swings

25 minutes AMRAP

“ARE YOU SERIOUSLY PRESSING 12KG?” Yes, I’ve have received these stupid comments on Reddit, they would go paired with “I can press this, I can swing that, I’m this old and do that” I quickly left that toxic hole. Yes I am pressing two 12kg kettlebells, could I use a heavier weight? Of course I can, and maybe I will one day, maybe I won’t, it shouldn’t even come up, as it’s none of anyone else’s business. I don’t need to talk about how I can windmill 40kg, swing 40kg (or heavier), strict press 30kg+ and so on.

These presses are not to joke around with, you need to have good conditioned shoulders to perform these angles safely, if you feel like the weight is wobbling all over the place, then you’re not ready for that weight yet. Take a 4kg if you need to, don’t be that person who needs to be seen with HEAVY WEIGHTS, think about your safety first, forget those macho idiots. Yes, you need to progress, but that has nothing to do with the moral of this story.


The next thing was people complaining about the angles, yes, like I clearly mentioned, you don’t do them if you’re not already conditioned, but if you are, they’re perfectly fine, you don’t want to stick to 1 dimensional training, train your body from all possible angles. The most ironic thing was, the guy with the big mouth was a moderator of “LightDumbbellFitness” and being a big fan of Eugen Sandow (which he should be), but I guess he forgot that Eugen Sandow is the king of the side press, “ooh lawdy, the angles!”.

I have to mention one more comment I received, and which made me chuckle “You need to train heavy to progress, yes I get injured sometimes, but I work through it”. Right, agreed on going heavier, but only when you’re ready, I rather stay injury free though, I don’t care what people think or say, I will press what I like and know my body can handle to stay injury free, which (touch wood) I have been for a long time since I started training smart.

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10 thoughts on “Kettlebell Workout ‘DELTSFELT’ for awesome shoulders!”

          1. I did do several sets later on, just not 25 mins all at once. I am not quite sure that I am doing the hybrid press correctly. I am looking at the video again for correct positioning. For the 2 kettlebell exercises, I am just using (2)each 10 lb kettlebells, so 20 lb total (sissy, I know!!). For the swings, I am using a 12 kg. bell. I also did extra squats with the single heavier kettlebell. I have a 8kg kettlebell, I need a 2nd one, so I can use it for the 2 kettlebell exercises. Thanks for the video and encouragement. Appreciate it.

          2. BTW, love the heading for this workout, ” I’m too old for that”. I hear this quite frequently! I hope I will NEVER say that in my lifetime. I will keep on keeping on!

  1. Don’t ever worry about the weight being a sissy weight, if that weight challenges you, then the weight is currently perfect, until it becomes a sissy weight for you.
    As for the hybrid press, if 0 degrees is right infront of you, arms right infront of your shoulders, then 90 degrees would be where the arms are to the side, inbetween those two is 45 degrees, that’s where you want to be for the hybrid press.

    Hope to see a video one day, but no pressure, if you don’t have or want to post a video, that’s fine too 🙂 keep swinging those bells.

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