World Kettlebell Video 3 Advanced

This is an advanced kettlebell workout with 2 kettlebells.

  • Transition: Dead clean and press one kettlebell
  • 3 x Overhead deadlift L
  • Transition: Drop 1kb to dead and dead clean to press the other
  • 3 x Overhead deadlift R
  • Transition: 1 kb hang clean to bring both in racking
  • 6 x alternating presses
  • Transition: Drop both to dead in position for the dead swing clean
  • 4 x dead swing clean and squat
  • Transition: Drop to dead

8 minutes AMRAP

3 minutes rest


Scoring is rounds plus reps for unfinished rounds. If you do 7 rounds and 5 reps, that would be 7.5, if you do 6 rounds plus 11 reps in your second task, it’s 6.11, you add the two up which comes to 13.16.

Kettlebell Workout Instructions

Full instructions on each move can be found in the video below.

Join us for the World Kettlebell Video 4, it comes in three flavors, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

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