The world kettlebell video is an initiative of Cavemantraining. It has been created to pull people together from across the world, no religion, no politics, no colors, and no borders. Just kettlebells.


It’s simple. Cavemantraining designs a kettlebell workout, people from across the world chose the version they want to film and submit, beginner, intermediate, or advanced, or even just one exercise from the workout. The video is then edited and put on the highly popular Cavemantraining YouTube channel which as we speak has over 31 thousand subscribers.


It’s fun, it brings us together, and you learn something new.


To join:

  1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here
  2. Like our Cavemantraining page on Facebook
  3. Follow the page and join in when we post another workout in the series
  4. Or check back here


Number 4 is in production, you can read the instructions here. You have till the 15th of November to submit your entry. Watch the videos.

Alternatively, join our mailing list and look out for an email.


World Kettlebell Video 1

Check out our first project, the full body kettlebell workout for beginners, intermediate, and advanced below.



World Kettlebell Video 2




World Kettlebell Video 3

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