World Kettlebell Video 3 Beginner

A beginner kettlebell workout with 1 kettlebell. A full instructional video can be found below.

  • Transition: Deadlift to a neutral stance
  • 6 x hang lift (double-arm squat style)
  • Transition: Double-arm dead clean
  • 3 x presses L
  • Transition: Double hand switch and clean
  • 3 x presses R
  • Transition: Double-arm backswing drop to dead in position for dead swing start
  • 4 x swing double-arm
  • Transition: Open hand horn clean
  • 4 x squat thumb through horn grip

2 rounds and 1-minute rest.

Repeat 4 times.

The full instructions step-by-step broken down can be found in the video below.

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