Kettlebell Flow Advanced—LUKOVA

This is LUKOVA, an advanced kettlebell flow that’s performed with one kettlebell. The flow consists of the following kettlebell exercises: Open palm dead clean Waiters hang clean Pass-through switch clean Figure of eight Around the body Single-arm swing 360 flip Half snatch Back to dead and repeat on the other side. To see the full …

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7 kettlebell windmill variations

7 Kettlebell Windmill Variations That Rip into Your Core

The kettlebell windmill is a great kettlebell exercise to work on flexibility, mobility, and strength. You’re working on flexibility in the shoulders, thoracic (T-spine), hamstrings, and strength in the core plus shoulders. Of course, the exercise comes with a lot more benefits than that. Here are several variations of the kettlebell windmill:   Kettlebell Windmill …

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World Kettlebell Video 3 Advanced

This is an advanced kettlebell workout with 2 kettlebells. Transition: Dead clean and press one kettlebell 3 x Overhead deadlift L Transition: Drop 1kb to dead and dead clean to press the other 3 x Overhead deadlift R Transition: 1 kb hang clean to bring both in racking 6 x alternating presses Transition: Drop both …

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