7 Kettlebell Windmill Variations That Rip into Your Core

The kettlebell windmill is a great kettlebell exercise to work on flexibility, mobility, and strength. You’re working on flexibility in the shoulders, thoracic (T-spine), hamstrings, and strength in the core plus shoulders. Of course, the exercise comes with a lot more benefits than that. Here are several variations of the kettlebell windmill:


  1. Kettlebell Windmill High/Low
  2. Kettlebell Anyhow Windmill
  3. Kettlebell Double Windmill
  4. Kettlebell 90/90 Windmill
  5. Kettlebell Kneeling Windmill and Runners Lunge Windmill
  6. Kettlebell Kneeling Deep Windmill
  7. Kettlebell Folding Windmill


Conventional Kettlebell Windmill

The conventional kettlebell windmill is the windmill you’re most likely used to seeing, this is the most common kb windmill. In the video, I show two different positions to move into with the windmill and both are perfectly fine. This variation of the windmill is also known as the high windmill, you can make the same movement with the kettlebell being in the hanging arm (low). Great to include in your kettlebell workouts.


Kettlebell Anyhow Windmill

The anyhow windmill is where you work with two kettlebells at the same time, and the low kettlebell is bicep curled up into racking while coming up. In the up position, you can go down again and repeat, or you can press the kettlebell that was curled up and then change sides. Curling the bell up requires a lot of core work and you need to really tense all the muscles while curling, it’s awesome! But not a beginner move.


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Kettlebell Double Windmill

The double windmill is performed with two kettlebells but you keep the same side up, whereas with the anyhow windmill you bring a kettlebell up and you can switch sides, with the double windmill you stay on the same side until you’re ready to switch sides, which then can be done with an Anyhow Windmill or simply put the low bell down and switch hands for the high bell.


Kettlebell 90/90 Windmill

This is a variation of the windmill I created to add new moves to the CAVEMANROM suite of kettlebell exercises. This variation of the windmill is performed in the 90/90 hip position, which is an awesome stretch and a great progression for those who have mastered the bodyweight stretch. This variation also benefits the non-working shoulder with a stretch as the arm is sliding out.


Kettlebell Kneeling Windmill

This variation of the windmill is actually a great one for beginners to progress and work on their thoracic flexibility while having some support from the ground and being able to lean on it. You could also turn this into a runners lunge windmill by lifting the knee off the ground once in position.


Kettlebell Kneeling Deep Windmill

This is the same as the previous variation except that the hand does not go to the ground but the forearm, so more hip flexibility is required.


Kettlebell Folding Windmill

This is a variation of the windmill I created to have the full support of the ground to work on the thoracic and shoulders, and it also allows you to work on your hip flexors and extensors. The kneeling and folding windmills are great variations to work your way up the more advanced versions of the windmill.


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