Kettlebell exercise for the shoulders

Kettlebell Halo

The kettlebell Halo is great for warming up the shoulders with lightweight but also great to create strength with a heavier weight and slow controlled movement. If you enjoy the Halo, make sure to also check out the kettlebell Ribbons exercise which is closely related.


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How to Perform the Kettlebell Halo

The kettlebell Halo exercise is best performed with the base facing up while holding on to the horns. A circular path is followed around the head, hence the name Halo. Of course, if you don’t stay exactly around the head, it’s not like you will miss out on the benefits, in fact, different positions can provide different benefits.

The kettlebell Halo step-by-step:

  1. Clean with the base facing up
  2. Bring the kettlebell to one ear
  3. Only move the shoulders
  4. Bring the kettlebell behind the head
  5. Bring the kettlebell to the other ear
  6. Bring the kettlebell in front of the face
  7. Keep the kettlebell in the same line as you repeat the pattern


Kettlebell Halo Benefits

A simple exercise like the kettlebell Halo can provide plenty of benefits and is great when used in warm-ups with a light weight, or in workouts with a little bit of a heavier weight for strength and other benefits, such as strength, stability, and/or flexibility in the:

  • shoulders
  • wrists
  • elbows


Muscles Used in the Halo

There is a lot of core work involved because the kettlebell Halo is performed while standing and you need to work to stabilize the whole body while the kettlebell moves around the body. So, besides the core, other muscles used, but not limited to, in the kettlebell Halo are:

  1. Deltoid
  2. Teres major
  3. Subscapularis
  4. Pectoralis major
  5. Serratus anterior
  6. Coracobrachialis
  7. Biceps brachii
  8. Latissimus dorsi


Kettlebell Halo Workouts

Following are some videos of the kettlebell halo or kettlebell workouts that have a Halo in them.

1) Kettlebell Halo and Pullovers


2) A More Hardcore Variation of the Kettlebell Halo

In this variation, the pattern is more of a Ribbon, followed by thoracic rotation and the speed at which the exercise is performed is also higher than normal.


3) Kettlebell Halo used in a Kettlebell Combo

This kettlebell combo is the Halo into reverse lunge and twist. Very similar to the slasher but more controlled.


4) Mobility Workout

A kettlebell mobility workout with the halo in it.


You can find more kettlebell halo variations here.




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