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Kettlebell Strength Workout

Awesome kettlebell strength workout with one barbell exercise to pump the biceps. Total upper-body workout.


As always, get your warm-up in, focus mostly on the upper-body, but don’t neglect the rest all together. In this workout we use what we call the ‘Caveman Buddy‘ system, partner work, we started this in our Caveman Circuit Training many years ago, then implemented it in our Caveman Strength sessions as well, and it’s perfect. The coaches pair people up with similar ability and work together, spotting, motivating etc. the great thing is, you get your rest while you’re spotting your buddy.

The exercises are:

  • unilateral kettlebell shoulder press
  • bilateral barbell bicep curl
  • unilateral kettlebell bent-over rows, narrow and wide
  • unilateral kettlebell chest-press
  • bilateral weighted tricep push-up



After your warm-up you go straight into it with one rep max (1RM) for all the exercises. In my case that was, 30kg for the shoulder press, 55kg for the bicep curl, 36kg for the bent-over rows, 36kg for the chest press and 50kg for the tricep push-up. Unfortunately I have a big gap between my kettlebell weights from 30kg to 36kg and nothing higher than 36kg at the moment.

More details on kettlebell rows in the video below.


After your 1RM it’s time to get stuck into the workout, we’re using the same exercises as we did for 1RM but you’re going to do 3 reps and submax weight, i.e. just heavy enough to allow you to complete 3 reps and 4 rounds with appropriate rest in between.

For my submax reps I used the following weights, 26kg for shoulder press, 45kg for bicep curl, 30kg for rows (although I should have rested more or dropped to 28kg as you can see in the video on my left), 30kg for the chest press and 30kg for the tricep push-ups. Spend at least 5 minutes or more on cooling down and stretching once you’re done, don’t forget to revisit this workout and record your progress (you can do so below in the comments if you like).


For details on some of the exercises, download the PDF with the workout below.


This is a total upper-body workout, includes all core muscles and it should leave you with a good pump in your delts, biceps, pecs and triceps. Your questions below, don’t forget to like if you enjoy this workout.


Not sure how to clean a heavy kettlebell? Watch my video on 10+ clean variations below

In case you missed the video at the top, here is the workout itself.


The Hip Hinge!

hip hinge ebook coverI hip hinge to pick up the barbell and I hip hinge to bent-over for the rows, if your hip hinge is no good then you run the risk of injuring your back or not being able to lift the weight you should be lifting. The Cavemantraining ebook on the Hip Hinge is available on Amazon and well worth it if you want to improve your rows, deadlifts and swings.


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