Ebook Format Comparison —PDF versus Amazon Kindle and iTunes EPUB

Our kettlebell and other health and fitness books are sold on our website in PDF format which stands for Portable Document Format and is our preferred format for ebooks. Other formats that we sell are Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover on Amazon, and EPUB on iTunes.

Our PDFs are formatted to be pleasing to the eye and easy to read. You can share any ebook that you purchase from our website with all your devices, i.e. smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. When reading from your device that allows screen-mirroring you can share the ebook from your device to your TV.

The next best thing is a hard copy of the book. Hardcopies can be purchased from Amazon and will have the same formatting as the PDF. Paperback formats will be in black and white, and Hardcover formats will usually be in color. The latter is also more expensive.

To have a good-looking format that’s pleasing to the eye is important for some people and for others it’s more important to have a more flexible format. When it comes to flexibility in regards to being able to change the font size, the kindle and EPUB format usually wins.

When buying a print copy from Amazon, we usually provide the opportunity to email us with proof of purchase and we will email you information on how to download your digital copy of the book. Simply find the hardcover version in our shop, follow the link, complete the purchase on Amazon, wait for the delivery to arrive, and email us a photo of your book and a copy of the proof of purchase.

We also have a web version available for the books, which means you can just sign in to your account, find your order, and read the book online at any time if you have forgotten to store your digital copy. If you are a customer that has previously purchased a digital copy before we implemented the web version access, you can request access by emailing us at info@cavemantraining.com.


Kindle and EPUB

CONS: It’s extremely difficult to format a book with lots of pictures to display correctly on Kindle or EPUB format. If the book you are buying is picture/photo heavy then I highly recommend buying a PDF format which is a fixed format and you can be assured that it displays as intended.

PROS: If you only have small devices to read your book on and want to be able to resize your text, then I highly recommend Kindle or EPUB. With that said, PDF format allows you to zoom in but does require a bigger device to read on to make this comfortable.



Buy your books from Cavemantraining and you will get a digital copy that you can share on all your devices, plus you get access to a web version that you can access anytime with internet access.

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