Marcus Filly Kettlebell Tip: Kettlebell Racking for Crossfitters + Filly Press

This week’s kettlebell tip is provided to you by none other than CrossFit athlete Marcus Filly from Revival Strength. Marcus is going to talk and demonstrate how to properly rack/hold a kettlebell, and he’s also going to demonstrate the reverse lunge and press, or as he baptized it, the kettlebell Filly Press.

Marcus explains how most people in CrossFit are used to lifting barbells and dumbbells, and therefore unfamiliar with one of the most fundamental positions in kettlebell training, the racking position. He covers some common mistakes like the bent wrist (broken wrist grip), flared elbow (disconnection), and how to keep the shoulder safe.

Marcus also demonstrates the Filly Press which they include in their Functional Bodybuilding programs. For the Filly Press you need a good racking position.


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You can download a free PDF with racking photos and plenty of other important details on how to rack a kettlebell safely and efficiently.


Athlete: Marcus Filly
Website: Revival Strength


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