Translation Guide for Personal Trainers

If you’ve been in the personal training game for a while you will have heard all of these excuses before, over and over, by now you’re able to spot them a mile away. For those that can’t, below is a translation chart.

Tom morrison

Ain’t No Yogi Spoiling My Gains

When you can only make it to the yoga session but you’re on a squat program When you can only make it to the yoga session but you're on a squat program…. ? Posted by Tom Morrison on Saturday, 22 April 2017

Kettlebell Snatches ripped calluses

100 Kettlebell Snatches, CrossFitters be like ….

You see it every now and again in online communities, a post of hands completely ripped after doing a large number of cleans or snatches. I’ll be honest, I also have boasted about it, because it’s kind of like “Look at me, I did not give up, I completed what I set out to do!”. But now, I won’t go there again, unless I was in an important kettlebell competition that I trained up for.

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