What is the Perfect Body?

More people than you think have the perfect body!

What is and who has the perfect body? I say that anyone who lacks what the general public may call “The Perfect Body” but ticks all the boxes:

  1. Eats well
  2. Doesn’t drink alcohol
  3. Exercises frequently
  4. Looks after themselves

…actually does have the perfect body. After all, a perfect body is in the eye of the beholder! What’s perfect for one is not perfect for another. No one can, and no one ever should try to please everyone. Just be your best self and you’re perfect, perfect for you and those who care about you.

To me, this means if you’re doing the best you can, then you are the best you can be, period. This also means if you’re not doing the best you can and you’re obese, lazy, eating poorly, and drinking excessively, you’re not even close to doing the best you can or the best you can be.

Because of this outlook, I find people who don’t look after themselves really disappointing. I think it’s because I believe there is only one life and it should not be wasted. Wasting such a free and beautiful gift as a sound mind and a sound body truly disgusts me.

I do not find fat people disgusting by default and I do not find the body image of fat people disgusting. It has nothing to do with their appearance. It’s actually what’s on the inside that disgusts me. I find it hard not to be disappointed and disgusted by the mentality that most obese people have, just as much as I would find the Next Top Model with a horrible attitude.

People who don’t look after themselves and ask for help, get that help, and then come up with all kinds of excuses not to use that help make me even sadder. People who pass on their lazy, uncaring habits to their children are the worst, because they take two truly beautiful things—their own life, and their child’s life—and completely destroy both.

If you’re unhealthy, don’t care, and don’t look after yourself should you see me as an enemy because of what I’ve said? Know that I ‘try’ not to judge, but even if I do, it will require me to get to know you better first. I’ll also say that I have some and always try to develop more understanding.

I do understand how some people can get in a bad situation, where they just don’t care anymore. I do understand how something can develop without you wanting it to, step-by-step going down and down…but I know that, step-by-step it can also go up, no matter what your age or condition. I’m not perfect and have been in the down direction at times as well. 

This can be perfect

This can be perfect

But so can this

As long as they’re the best they can be, normal and without extremes. But, none of the above should ever become a standard.

Let’s talk about the perfect body of my wife: she doesn’t think it’s perfect, and neither do some others. But she works out, eats extremely healthy in moderate portions, hardly drinks alcohol, and she’s truly the best she can be and still strives to be better each day, proving there is always improvement that can be made. Never give up!

To her, I devote this article, Anna Junghans.


Perfect, as nature intended her to be.

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