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What are your guilty pleasures?

Just did a little kettlebell workout with my wife, it was a short one, as I think we’re both less motivated with the weather being bad in Spain and not being in a group environment, for me personally there are other reasons as well. We did 5 single arm swings (sport style), 5 half snatches and 5 clean and jerk on each side followed by 5 push-ups, we only did 5 rounds.

Tomorrow has been looming, it’s a day that comes around each year, I’m thankful it does, but on the flip-side it’s just another day, I tried to forget about it, but I might as well stop trying to forget that tomorrow will be my forty third year of an awesome life (birthday). I’m drinking my firewater with coke zero as I’m writing, and feeling compelled to write about my love hate —hate might be a bit too strong of a word— relationship with alcohol.


My biological father was a junkie and an alcoholic who killed himself by overdosing when I was seven years old, luckily I now have a wonderful (adopted) dad who started caring for me at age 18. I always said to myself that I would never be like my biological father to my son, and I can say I kept that promise, even so, I do drink, and I want to write about it —again—.


First, this is me today, what you see are the effects of kettlebell resistance training, bodyweight resistance training —some CrossFit— and moderate consumption of alcohol in the form of wine or beer.

Taco Fleur taco-fleur-43-01 taco-fleur-43-02


I know that I could be so much better, I could have a six pack instead of a pulled in beer belly that slightly shows the underlying six-pack that is waiting to be proudly put on display to the world.


Why do I drink?

  • sometimes there just isn’t anything better to quench the thirst, but I can only use that excuse for the first one
  • sometimes it’s to be able to connect better, to be more free, relaxed and have a laugh, it’s not called giggle water for nothing
  • sometimes I’m bored


The ramifications of drinking

  • feeling bad in the morning, regret
  • feeling agitated, not having patience
  • not getting the ultimate results
  • tired due to not getting a proper sleep
  • slower recovery
  • sometimes doing stupid things that make you go “Really? Did I do that?!”

Drinking alcohol is pretty much one of the last bad things I do to myself, I’m too lazy to give it up, too lazy to seek elsewhere for entertainment or work harder to fit in. I eat healthy, I don’t smoke, I work out regularly, and try to keep mentally active as well, that’s my excuse.


Why am I writing this? Many reasons

  • of course there is some boasting, some pride in what I know takes hard work
  • a good reminder for myself later in life when I ask myself “why wasn’t I bigger”
  • maybe midlife crisis, or did I pass that already?


What are your guilty pleasures?

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  1. I admire you to write this, have huge respect for what you’ve accomplished so far. You can be very proud. Although not everyday is easy, YOU don’t choose easy. Glad to “know” you. Thanks for sharing. ☆

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