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I have always had an interest in what modern fitness would consider vintage strength and unconventional training. I love incorporating vintage barbells and dumbbells, sandbags, Bulgarian bags, maces etc.

Kelly Manzone

For the past 8 years, the kettlebell has been the tool I’ve been most drawn to. I love how the bell becomes an extension of the body. I believe that is why mace training appeals to me…movement in all planes of motion with the ability to build and improve strength, mobility, stability, and flexibility.

Recently over the past year, I have incorporated more mace training into the mix and my body is reaping the benefits. I have thoracic arthritis and find mace work like the 360 and 10&2 keeps me both mobile and strong, along with keeping my shoulders healthy. Movements like gravedigger and offset presses are beneficial for revealing areas that are tight or have an imbalance of strength. I often use this diverse tool not only as a warm-up but in conjunction with my kettlebell sport training to improve performance.
Kelly Manzone
I’ve recently started competing in kettlebell sport double long cycle with AKA (American Kettlebell Alliance) and the majority of my training requires high jerk repetitions. Mace work in this case can feel therapeutic in combating soreness and fatigue.

The Mace is now being used in competition within the company Vintage Strength, which is affiliated with AKA. I’m so thrilled that I got on the platform recently to compete in my first competition using my adex adjustable mace created by my friend Don Giafardino. The competition consists of a 5min set. Each pass of 10&2 counts as one rep; women are competing with 12.5 or 15lbs. men with 17.5 or 22lbs and up. It’s a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to watching the sport grow.

Kelly Manzone

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Kelly Manzone

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