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How To Become More Caveman

by Donnie Giafardino

Chances are that if you are reading this it is on a computer. With that being said, you are enjoying at the minimum Second World benefits and all of the progress that’s come with this title – but at what cost? The numbing of our innate instincts for so-called logic? The deadening of our physical abilities due to automation?

We are now in a world that allows even the lazy to thrive, and this could be a detriment to our future generations’ survival. So how do we get back to the ancestral caveman instincts? The answer, simply enough, is to take our softened, modernized, comfortable selves and become uncomfortable enough in primal situations. We need to become used to the idea of discomfort so that we begin to find comfort there and one of the most primal exercise movements we can perform is club swinging. A caveman with a club is a normal image, a caveman doing a bench press isn’t.

Adex Mace

By now, almost everyone who does any form of fitness knows about club training. In this age of automated white-collar jobs, an ever-diminishing fortunate few have the opportunity to have a job that requires physicality. Over the millenniums, we went from being hunters, to an agrarian society, to an industrial society, to a consumer-based society, but our DNA harkens to our primal instincts. There is a special something that speaks to the most basic of human fibers that arises during a grueling heavy club training session that can only be bested by actual combat training. Nothing in the modern gym comes remotely close to tapping into this ferocity.

Don Giafardino

As fitness gurus preach to us the importance of the basics, and we search for an ever-increasing form of suffering to offset this comfortable world that we have created for ourselves, look toward club and mace training. These tools began as simple branches transformed into weapons in the hands of the world’s most efficient killer. Human bodies yearn for an intuitive movement that mimics patterns of survival to balance our souls and heighten our awareness.

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