The 10 Minute Long Cycle: My First

I’ve completed my first 10 minute long cycle! I’ve been training with kettlebells for ages, and done clean and jerks many times, what I’ve never done before is complete a 10 minute long cycle. I started a couple of weeks ago with two 16kg, nothing compared to what the athletes in GS use. I had to put the kettlebells down at least 3 times the first try, I almost got to setting them down only twice the second time, but no cigar.

Anna suggested I go down in weight, of course the man I am, I was too proud to do it, but then I thought why not, so I listened to Anna, and I completed my first full 10 minute long cycle.

A couple of things I’ve learned since starting long cycles:

  • It’s a mental game, the brain wants to give in before the body does.
  • Ten minutes doesn’t sound very long, but it is when you have to keep the bells from the ground.
  • I prefer not to look at the clock, as it plays with my mind.
  • I can’t be counting reps.
  • Finding the right pace is important.
  • Can’t breath in racking? Start your next rep.
  • Try resting in overhead lockout and breathe.
  • It’s ok to clank the bells together, focus on reps.
  • I get a better lockout pushing the head slightly forward.
  • It also helps to pull the bells closer together above my head.
  • Leg drive is crucial.
  • Proper racking for efficient power transfer is crucial.
  • Lower back is the highest risk area for injury.
  • Bracing the core muscles upon each rep is vital.
  • The foundation for clean and jerk is;
    • swing
    • clean
    • push press
  • Minimum requirements are;
    • strong core
    • shoulder range of motion
  • Top athletes have;
    • Mental toughness
    • Coordination
    • Endurance
    • Strength

I love the long cycle, but my way, the caveman way!

  • No shoes
  • No shirt
  • No wrist guards
  • No belt

I dream of one day having caveman kettelbell sport, I know, it’s crazy, it’s absurd but that’s me …


Watch the video on how to find your racking position below.

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  1. I made the same mistake of starting too heavy (24kg kb’s) due to alpha male pride. After getting no where but injured, I dropped even further than you to 2x12kg and progress just rocketed from there. Now back up to 2x24kg and loving it. Hats off to you for going caveman (no shoes, t-shirt, wrist guards, or belt). Reckon I’d lose at least a third of my reps that way!