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My sporting life began at age 8 (1975) and the first 4 years I was engaged in sports gymnastics. It was a great opportunity to develop my coordination skills, flexibility, strength, and speed. All these skills and physical qualities were needed in my future sports career.

My next sport was wrestling from 12 to 21 years. I started to practice the exercises with kettlebells in my system of general physical training when I was 13 years of age. My first experience was with the weight of 16 kg because at this time in Russia only 3 weight variants of KBs were used for training and competitions 16, 24, 32 kg.

Exercises with KBs are part of Russian national culture and are constantly used for the preparation of athletes in many sports, but also included in the system of physical training of the Russian army, police, firefighters and special services.

Sergey Rudnev

I served in the Russian army for 25 years (from 17 to 42 years). The first time I took part in kettlebell sport competition was at age 17 when I was a cadet of Higher Artillery Command School. It was a school championship in biathlon with the use of KBs 24 kg. I won first place in my weight division. I studied at the Higher Artillery Command School for 4 years, and I have continued to engage in wrestling, but I started using the exercises with weights more often than before. I won the championship of the school each year.

After the Higher Artillery Command School, I continued wrestling and mixed martial arts, but I started to pay more attention to training with kettlebells because I set a goal to achieve the title of Master of Sports of Russia.

Sergey Rudnev

I reached the level of Master of Sports after 3 years of hard training in the Championship of the Russian Armed Forces in 1992. My service in the army did not allow me to compete often, so I went on to train in mixed martial arts and weightlifting, but I did not do it seriously.

I have received additional education in the Department of Physical Culture and Sport at the Pedagogical University. In 1996, I received an invitation to serve in the Far Eastern Military University for the position of teacher of physical training and sports.

I spent training with the cadets of the Military University, who have been trained in specializations mechanized infantry and Marines. Military University of physical training and sports training program consisted of exercises with KBs (snatch and long cycle), gymnastic exercises, running, cross-country skiing, to overcome the obstacle course, swimming and studying the techniques of unarmed combat.

Sergey Rudnev

The Marine Corps is an elite arm of the service in the Russian Army. Therefore, standards for physical training for cadets of the Military University are the highest. Here is an example of the reference standard for the highest score for trainee marines:
– Long cycle of 24 + 24kg / 15 reps;
– snatch 24kg / 70 reps

Sergey Rudnev

I also coached the team of the Far Eastern Military University and the team of Far Eastern Military District on kettlebell lifting. Time of my life in Military University 1996 – 2009.
Because of my service as a teacher of physical training and sports, I had the opportunity for my personal training and participation in competitions.

I was the coach of the National Team for Kettlebell lifting 2008 – 2010 years.
I am the president of IKSFA (International Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Academy) from 2012 to the present.

I have 2 children. They are both high-level athletes.

My son Ruslan (25) is a master of sports in kettlebell lifting. His best result in LC: 32+32 kg / 54 reps, w/c to 63 kg. He is preparing to achieve the level of MSIC next year.


My daughter Anna (18) has been doing gymnastics for about 14 years. But she could not reach the level of MS due to a fracture of the femur 3 years ago. Currently, she is engaged in power kettlebell juggling and is preparing for her first Russian Championship in November.
I’m proud of my Kids!

Anna Rudnev

My personal achievement:

  • 6-time winner of the Cup of Russia (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009)
  • 5-time champion of Russia (1998, 2002, 2005, 2009, 2010)
  • 2010 European champion
  • World Champion (2001, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010)

Sergey Rudnev

My personal records in kettlebell lifting exercises:

  • Jerk – 32 + 32 kg / 109 repetitions
  • Snatch – 32 kg / 156 repetitions
  • Long cycle – 32 + 32 kg / 60 reps
    My weight category was up to 65 kg


My coaching achievements:

  • More than 200 candidates for the Master of Sports
  • 53 Masters of Sports
  • 10 international master of sports
  • 2 Honored Master of Sports
  • 9 world champions


Sergey RudnevSergey RudnevSergey Rudnev

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