Kettlebell color coding

Kettlebell Colors (Color Coding) Yellow, Blue, Etc.

Most kettlebells these days have a color to indicate the weight, i.e. color coding. Following is the color table for the kettlebell weight in kilos and pounds plus some other information about kettlebell colors.


Kettlebell Color Chart

Kettlebell Weight Color Coding
Color Weight in kilos Weight in pounds
Pink 8 kg 17.6 lbs
Blue 12 kg 26.4 lbs
Yellow 16 kg 35.2 lbs
Purple 20 kg 44.0 lbs
Green 24 kg 52.8 lbs
Orange 28 kg 61.6 lbs
Red 32 kg 70.4 lbs
Grey 36 kg 79.2 lbs
White 40 kg 88.0 lbs
Silver 44 kg 96.8 lbs
Gold 48 kg 105.6 lbs


Yellow Kettlebell Weight?

A question often asked is “what is the yellow kettlebell weight?”. This is because that happens to be my travel kettlebell, my wife’s travel kettlebell is blue. The weight of the yellow kettlebell is 16kg or 35.2lbs, and the weight of the blue kettlebell is 12kg or 26.4lbs. The yellow is just good enough to carry for a long time, whether in a backpack, farmers carry, etc. I’ve carried the yellow kettlebell up the highest mountain in mainland Spain, trekking, camping, and I take it for our outdoor workouts at spoken about in my Kettletrekking article.

Here’s one such video where I took my yellow kettlebell to an ancient city in Albania and filmed the kettlebell combo called RAMSAR.

The yellow kettlebell might seem light to some, but when you’re carrying something around walking, trekking, camping, or just trying to find a place to film, trust me, it’s heavy enough. Here is a strength combo where this weight is perfect for me with the right reps and sets.

It’s also a good enough weight for me to kettlebell juggle with. I also really like this kettlebell as it has traveled all across the world with me and however strange that might sound, it has a high value and meaning to me this kettlebell.


Green Kettlebell Weight Crossfit

The green kettlebell in CrossFit is a popular weight for Rx with American swings, the weight of the green kettlebell is 24kg or 52.8lbs and is usually cast iron in CrossFit. If you have not trained with competition kettlebells yet, I highly recommend you do, most people that I put on to competition kettlebells never look back. There is a huge difference.


Kettlebell Color Coding

Competition kettlebells have their color coding on the bell itself and the iron cast kettlebells (like the ones from Rogue) usually have a stripe on the bottom of the horns of the kettlebell. Check out the anatomy of the kettlebell if you’re not sure what all that means.


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